Saturday, April 8, 2023

Day 19 ..Return to Porto

 Last night after I published the blog, we decided to just stay in and enjoy a nice meal cooked on the BBQ and enjoyed the view over the city .. It was such a beautiful night. What a wonderful end to our trip.  

Today was our last day on the road before tomorrow when we bring Liz and Jacquie to the airport.  We started the day with a trip down to the docks in Finisterre and a nice coffee conleche before driving back to Porto .


Our first stop was about an hour back to Santiago.. A few days ago we had discovered the most amazing cheese cake at a very hospitable restaurant, so we decided to make that our first break.  We got there about 45 minutes before they opened for the day , but with a bit of boldness and smooth talking by Julie, we were invited in for coffee and cheese cakes .. then when it came time to go they brought us . fresh sliced baguette bread and a plate of prosciutto to make sandwiches for our way .  Learning that our waitress that had been so nice was actually a refugee from Ukraine , you can be sure that she received a great tip. 


Two hours later we arrived in our Porto town home .  another beautiful place to finish the trip. Close to the down town and close to the airport. 

One of the stopes in Porto was to The oldest book store in the world.  After driving threw little jam packed streets and parking in impossible places, we found out that there was a huge line up to get in and we could only get tickets to go next Monday .. , but Julie did get a quick snap through the front door. 

Our first day in Porto we found a great restaurant  , so it was fitting that we had supper their tonight.  there was a parking place and a free table as we arrived and the waiter was pleased to see us return and remembered us. 

Tomorrow at 7:30  they head for the airport . 

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