Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Everyone is home, but the Camino lives on in all of us

Easter morning we got up early and drove Liz and Jacquie to the airport for their flights back to Canada.. Once we got them checked in , Julie Peg and John found an international church to go to for Easter service .. It was great .. The service was in English and had people from all over the world.  They were also having a fellowship lunch after the service so we were able to use up a lot of the food we had left from our journey as well as experience some amazing foods from all over the world . 

Monday morning at 6:00 am we brought Peg to the airport for her flight to Lisbon and on to Virginia 

and later that day Julie and John dropped off the car and flew out to Istanbul and on to their home in Kyrgyzstan .. When all was done we had 20 euros left in the Camino budget .. just enough for Burger king and Late in the airport. 

Everyone had an incredible trip, but all are blessed to be back home again to continue their own personal Camino's 


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